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Da Bazz

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Runescape Name
Da Bazz

Preferred Name 
Bazz / Bas

Discord ID
Da Bazz#1732

Current Clan

Previous Clan History

I used to know all the clans / teams I have been in but over the years I have grown old and forgotten. Down here are the main ones that shaped my path. Next to these clans special shout-outs go to Team TKO Blitz and Team Flip Flops. Team TKO Blitz was there from the start since I got into warring with SpiritZ in 08 it's where I got good, where I became comfortable in the arts of the F2P wars. (cringe) Flip Flops is special as it made me grow as a person probably more than I realize. It gave me a feeling I'm sure others in this clan know from having lead their own clans / teams. Pride, responsibility,...feelings I'd imagine you'd have after u get a kid.


The first clan I joined in like 07 was SpiritZ. I quickly became Forum Manager and rose to Leader. We used to do small wars but I kinda killed the clan forcing them into f2p pvp ?. It didn't help that I went inactive and fell into a depression that I'm pretty sure I still sometimes struggle with right now. We semi successfully turned into a Community clan but nobody was really good in recruiting so we eventually died off. I went back to the old SpiritZ cc and discord after Downfall died in 2018 (something like that right?) This is where I spent most of my time now. My best online friends to date are from SpiritZ I still do cox and iron man content with these lads.


I joined Corruption because I wanted to war more when SpiritZ stopped doing these. I knew many people in the clan from Team TKO Blitz and Flip Flops. I didn't get past Trial Member. I was a kid back then trying to get through high school so I needed/wanted my sleep. Also my mom wouldn't let me behind the PC past 11PM or something (5 PM EST) most fights started at that time.

True 0wnage

I joined True 0wnage to 'troll' around in a small clan. Looking back at it I really thought I was good at the game and disgustingly cocky. I challenged the leaders and decorated members often on all kinds of things (not in a good way). Over time True 0wnage became more like a home to me and I started to behave friendlier. I actually enjoyed my time here. I was also extremely insecure irl during this time. That for sure effected my behavior online.


Solace man where do I start...It was by far my best experience in a clan to that date. I just felt at home. Surrounded by all these cocky CWA prods (hi tika). Even though the game was dieing I enjoyed this period the most. The fights were intense both in CWA and in the wild. I loved every second of it. It was also the first time where I was in a clan where I didn't feel the 'need' to help with managing anything. When I joined everything was seemingly working perfectly. Either that or my insecurity was so bad that I was afraid to act (I had been in 4-5 clans/teams at this point that died under my council/leadership roles). I met a huge amount of people on RS during this period through all the teams I joined and all the fights I had. I took the longest break I've ever had of RS after the crashwar with EOS and the introduction of EOC and basically only played League of Legends with people from the clan world.


Mohd contacted me to join Downfall as a Council. They were reopening as a 'Legacy' f2p clan... Thanks for dragging me back into the game u crazy UAE madlad. I love u man u know that ❤️ . We decided to jump to Old School and now I see that a bunch of these nerds are still playing just like me. What is it with this damn game... I was council in Downfall from start to finish. It was my best experience overall in a clan. Every member was/is a champion and I really regret the fact that I wasn't able to get to know everyone better. I can't believe how shy and insecure I was...

Who do you know in Tempest?
True2k8, The End, DWG, Gochance1, Tika, Adam, Bleak Terror, Brazz, Dr Destiny, Dr3ambasher, Mohd, Pietru, Vanzant, probably more feel free to flame me if I missed u ?

Are you interested in joining?
Maybe but probably not, I might come loot your dead bodies and flame u guys like in the old days.

Brief Introduction
I'm currently a software engineer at a bank in The Netherlands. Trying to figure out what I actually want to do with my life career wise. I'm interested in behavioral science and human emotions. I'm thinking of becoming some kind of a coach/mentor in the future and use my interests to actually help people with whatever is blocking them from reaching their potential. To maybe safeguard them from whatever the fuck it was that I went through as a teen and my early 20's. So if I ask you about your feelings at least now you know why and you've been warned.

Nowadays I love going out to parties and since I don't drink alcohol anymore (literally nothing) I get to see other people get hammered for me which is honestly way better. I now know everything that happened and don't have to deal with feeling sick or tired in the morning. However most of my time goes to playing Runescape, working and going to the gym. Since the start of the year I'm also into Bushcraft to learn how to survive in the wilderness with minimal technology at hand (mostly we only use a knife that we bought). Think Bear Grylls whatever he does in his show I can do as well (I know the basics). I can make a fire with a bow, fish with primitive hooks (and make them), craft pouches, make medicine from plants, make rope/wire, hunt, kill, cook,... Basically I'm learning how to be an Ironman irl. I like doing that as it brings me back down to my primal instincts. I also have this twisted love with mentally and physically struggling tasks. Bushcraft definitely has me struggling from time to time.



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The good old days



Tempest 1.png

~ By B4uz ~



~ By Ace ~

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Welcome :)


 Chivalry Legions Elite - Ex-Chivalry Legions Council
Ex-Ancient Fury Applicant Ex-Zerg Unit Member

Ex-Australian Army Co-Leader - Ex-Kill Orgy Senior Member - Ex-TKO Blitz Member



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