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Pride Event in Gielinor - Guide

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Here's a guide for participating in the Pride event on Old School RuneScape (OSRS):


OSRS Pride Event Guide


The Pride event in OSRS is a celebration of diversity and inclusion within the game, offering players the opportunity to engage in themed activities and earn unique rewards. This guide will help you navigate the event and make the most of your experience.

Event Start
To begin the Pride event, head to the designated starting location. Typically, the event starts in Varrock, one of the major cities in Gielinor. Look for a rainbow-colored event icon on your mini-map or speak to an event coordinator NPC, often near Varrock Square or the Grand Exchange.

Quest Overview
1. **Talk to the Event NPC**: Speak with the event coordinator to start the Pride quest. The NPC will provide background information and instructions for the event.
2. **Collect Items**: You may be asked to gather specific items related to the theme of Pride. These can include rainbow-themed accessories, flags, or other symbolic items.
3. **Complete Challenges**: Participate in various challenges or mini-games. These might involve solving puzzles, engaging in dialogue with NPCs to learn about their stories, or completing specific tasks to demonstrate inclusivity and support.

Key Activities
- **Parade**: Join the in-game Pride parade, which often involves marching through major cities with other players, showcasing rainbow flags and decorations.
- **Story Quests**: Engage in quests that highlight the stories and experiences of LGBTQ+ characters in the game. These quests typically focus on themes of acceptance and understanding.
- **Mini-Games**: Participate in fun mini-games designed specifically for the event. These can include trivia games about LGBTQ+ history, matching games with Pride symbols, and more.

Completing the Pride event activities will earn you unique rewards, such as:
- **Cosmetic Items**: Rainbow-themed clothing, accessories, and capes.
- **Emotes**: Special emotes that display pride symbols or celebrate diversity.
- **Pets**: Event-specific pets that can accompany you on your adventures.
- **Titles**: Special titles that you can display alongside your character’s name, showcasing your participation in the event.

Tips for Success
- **Team Up**: Many activities are more fun and easier to complete with friends. Team up with other players to tackle challenges and enjoy the festivities together.
- **Stay Informed**: Keep an eye on in-game announcements and updates, as Jagex may introduce new activities or extend the event duration.
- **Show Respect**: The Pride event is about celebrating diversity and inclusion. Be respectful and supportive of all players participating in the event.


The OSRS Pride event is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community within the game. By following this guide, you'll be able to fully participate in the event, complete quests, and earn exclusive rewards while showing your support for diversity and inclusion in Gielinor.

Enjoy the event, and Happy Pride!


Old School RuneScape (OSRS) includes LGBTQ+ representation in a few notable ways, reflecting a growing effort to be more inclusive:

1. **Characters and NPCs**: There are a few characters in the game who are explicitly identified as being part of the LGBTQ+ community. For instance, in a 2020 update, OSRS introduced the character Lalli, who is a male ogre in a same-sex relationship with another ogre named Frodi. This was a significant step toward representation within the game's narrative.

2. **Player Engagement and Events**: Jagex, the developer of OSRS, has shown support for the LGBTQ+ community through in-game events and promotions, particularly during Pride Month. This includes releasing rainbow-themed items and holding events to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

3. **Community and Policies**: The OSRS community and Jagex’s moderation policies also reflect a commitment to inclusivity. Jagex has actively worked to create a safe and welcoming environment for all players, implementing and enforcing rules against hate speech and harassment.


Overall, while representation is still developing, OSRS is making strides to include LGBTQ+ characters and themes in a way that enriches the game world and supports an inclusive community.














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Really enjoyed this great event, thank you Jagex.

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