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Where is ________?

True 2k8

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Who are some people you have no contact with/haven't seen in years that you would love to reconnect with?


A few months ago @Shinobi googled his RSN, found Tempest forums and after 7 years we finally spoke again. He's an old friend that I never have the chance to chat with again, and I think it's wild that one nostalgic google search can do all that.


I thought it would be cool to post who are some people we've completely lost contact with and maybe they turn up one day from searching themselves up. Perhaps another forum user even knows where to find em.

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honestly it would be ppl i met in like my first little cwa melee only clan like xmrfunny1x, ruler david and an old friend kiering2002 though i think i still have his facebook tbh maybe from asc jasmine/contralis she like died and not been in contact for 10 years but honestly a lot of the ppl i would just be curious as to how they're doing




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Aoshi and Dranzer from my KO days + a few old friends from there back in 2007-2009 mainly.







PDlMitch ~ Ex: Knights of Order ~ Collision ~ Syndicate ~ Exodus ~ Crimson Raiders ~ Downfall ~ Divine Forces







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