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The Rising AMA - Clugred, Des Troyer, Hscrusader07, Monkeyfbi135

Des Troyer

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“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Founded as a PKing clan in July 30th of 2007, The Rising would venture into a clan world where an endless list of new clans would almost always be fleeting sparks of hype at best, such was the insurmountable challenge of finding a way to break into a status quo that had long since been entrenched. Naturally, we enjoyed some brief rivalries with other such clans that were striving to make a dent, including Outcast, Clan Auris, Lethal Blades,Triforce, Genesis Dynasty, Forgotten Templars, and RuneScape Vendetta, with the latter representing the opposition in our first ever prepped event; an old-fashioned melee and binds 15vs15 at members gate (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBhTslQ6IGQ). Alas, TR also had the privilege of immediately mixing it up with some more illustrious names, including in our first PK trip, which led to a run-in victory over RuneScape Hungarian Knights, whilst within a month we enjoyed PK run-ins with the likes of The Mighty Red Dragons, Divine Forces, The Titans, Collision, Lithuanian Forces, Corruption, Eternal Honour, RuneScape Dynasty, Echo of Silence, The RuneScape Warhunger Federation, Red Devil Clan, Gladiatorz, Black Knights, ‘The’, Chivalry Legions, Shadow Elves, and Adelais.


Although initially regarded by many as a mere break-off from ‘The Alliance’ (Gladiatorz, ‘The’, TMRD, and Jaguars), TR comprised a contingent of former Dark Slayer members, as well as people attracted to a modus operandi that pivoted around PKing daily, often multiple times, while maintaining strong community oriented values. We knew we were on the right path when a DF official was quoted as saying that TR ought to have its own subforum for its PK run-in topics on RSC/Zybez, but it was other quotes and events that would come to engender our burgeoning morale and momentum at this time, as well as serving the instill an “us vs them” mentality that would pave the way for success in the long-term. One such catalyst was the onset of our rivalry with TMRD. Although initially on good terms,, when a latecomer to our first spur PK trips asked for the current world in an IRC where we had become intermingled, TMRD would rush us soon after logging in. Once we gained numbers, TMRD were cleared, before insisting that it was a coincidence, that they didn’t know it was us before rushing, amongst other happenstance explanations. Whether it was an attempt to try and nip us in the bud, or to prove a point given that around a dozen ex-TMRD had joined the TR cause within the first few days, this run-in did, unfortunately, stir up hostile relations. We cleared a handful of their PK trips in the coming weeks, which led to them eventually having a small amount of CT (Collision and The Titans) in tow. We still hunted a couple of those trips, but the second time around, CT actually decided to mass some people when we did so and consequently got stomped. Amidst these scenes, there was an in-game quote by Nerdbasher while clearing us: “Kill TR until they close”. It was just the view of one person and nothing would manifest from it; we became just another clan to be able to fight for TT and Col, especially the latter. Regardless, at the time, those words were impactful, especially when combined with another harsh lesson that ensued within that timeline of our early weeks - our first encounters with Adelais, and then EOS. One of our very early prepped events was a capped run-in against Adelais, whom did provide humour upon showing up 15 minutes late due to a need to login as a phallic object on the minimap. Despite being unable to clear them, we were clear winners by the end of the cap, which Adelais refused to respect, thus prompting us to eventually take our ending options en route to leaving. Adelais did the same, albeit after regrouping, before proceeding to take a picture with lobsters on the ground to inflate their options. They attempted to post a win topic, but initially uploaded an unedited picture which showed the lobsters (as well as the invalid options number), which was quoted before they could rectify this oversight. Soon after, we were clearing Adelais in an unplanned run-in, before it was EOS showing up in their stead (who then insisted that they had “intercepted” in their eventual win topic). EOS would frequently hunt our trips, with a similar outcome each time, where we’d battle back until their numbers became too much. There was one instance where we fought back for 7 hours, in a run-in which ended after the CL congo line AC had been hit by some EOS, prompting a melee to ensue. The result was a formality at this point, though, with EOS verging on clearing us. Still, these experiences would all come to be fruitful in providing a crash course of what it would be like as a PKing clan in the ascendancy in this era. There were also early beginnings of long-standing rivalries during this early period, especially with TRWF. 


Whether battling a rival in a prepped event, being crashed whilst out, or having nights out entailing an array of clans, TR had started as we meant to go on in the years to come. We would enter the wilderness with the intention of fighting anyone, even if it meant striving to be competitive in situations where the outcome of being outnumbered and overwhelmed was inevitable. We didn’t believe in ever ending an unplanned run-in early, nor in avoidance, irrespective of our chances of winning. We weren’t like the other new clans; we were here to stay. Those early months yielded many memorable moments, including unplanned run-in victories over TRWF (who would almost always defeat us in planned run-ins at this stage), as well as an full-out (non-returning), melee and binds war victory over EH (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPI4cqqCSgI). TR was thriving towards the end of the wilderness era, even to the point of being ranked 7-10 within the ever fickle Zybez listings, as well as being capable of pulling around 80 people on weekends. Much like other PKing clans, though, TR suffered once Jagex decided to meddle with PvP. (Fun fact: We did have the honour of posting the last ever wilderness era win topic, from a run-in with ‘The’).


The bounty hunter era, when introduced, although a poor substitute for the ways of old, did at least allow the clan world a concept of multi that would offer a thrill of the hunt, as well as cumbersome boundaries for prepped run-ins. It was here that we were given the honour of being chosen as the last opponent for TMRD, and also RDC at the time, even if the latter would fortunately reopen at a later date and give us plenty more memorable encounters. There was also the forging of our unlikely friendship with Luchinot et al. of Wilderland. After a TR vs WL run-in was crashed by EOS, we proceeded to team up to clear, before being on very good terms thereafter and even having some community oriented activities. It was also during bounty hunter that we attempted to have a presence in EST, as opposed to merely striving to be #1 GMT. We proceeded to have regular late EST evening skirmishes, even if typically with a meagre 100-ish options, which meant having the chance to battle some clans that wouldn’t venture out in GMT. Our last event of significance in this era was when we stepped up, just as we did against EH towards the end of the wilderness, in a capped run-in with TT. While it would only yield a narrow loss on the day, we were happy enough with the performance to be brimming with optimism. Of course, the clan world would then begin to suffer immeasurably when even bounty hunter’s multi functionality was removed, thus leading to the onset of the Clan Wars Arena era. PKing clans suffered to varying degrees, with TR being no exception, and a long list of retirements resulted. TR did participate in the CWPL, but it felt like going through the motions and no degree of consistent success could be maintained, nor was it something we wanted to strive for. We were mediocre, and this chapter was to be a forgettable one.


Towards the end of 2008, the release of PvP worlds represented a glimmer of hope for the clan world, even to the point of capturing the imagination with the innovative possibilities. We did explore this a bit ourselves, such as with a non-returning wars with ‘The’ at Wizard Tower, and versus Black Knights at Al Kharid. Naturally, it would be the wilderness that inspired, and it was soon getting to enjoy a planned, members gate run-in again with TRWF, which we won, that captivated, as well as both the renewal of old rivalries and onset of new ones with the likes of 2Mighty, Future Of Old Style, Red Devil Clan, Northern Gods, Exodus, and Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste (Lithuanian Divine Kingdom) as of 2009 onwards. Whilst our dominance in the GMT was long standing, the number of active clans within the timezone would gradually waned during 2010-2012, which rendered it a necessity to strive even more within EST. At this time, TR would have the privilege of being chosen as the last opponent for TRWF, whilst mostly stepping up to have run-ins with Cor, RSD, TT, and DF et al., but still having some GMT action with the likes of Forsaken and Cheer Up.


At the mid point of 2012, the original TR closed, albeit on our terms; on a high, ranked in the top 5 and still capable of pulling 300+ options. From there it was ‘onwards into the game of life’, even if nostalgia would lead to 50+ people returning to the game in 2015 for a reopening on OSRS. It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with old names, but with a combination of lack of enjoyment of the game and finding it difficult to adapt to the clan world culture had become, most originals would go back into retirement over time. 



Des Troyer

I’m Dan, my RuneScape is and always will be Des Troyer. I co-founded The Rising with Claire (Clugred) in July 30th of 2007. After very enjoyable years in ‘The Alliance’, where I had the privilege of becoming a leader of Gladz and a council member at TMRD, it did eventually become apparent that it would never be viable for a TA clan to adapt to the burgeoning shift away from non-returning wars unto competitive PK run-ins, as well as having a consistent presence in the wilderness in general.

Ixy, the founder of Golden Sun and a friend at the time who I had confided in towards the end of my time in TA, inspired me with his words of: “If it still doesn’t feel like home, make a new one”, just as he had done. It was very difficult to leave TA behind, but the decision was made easier from having a long time friend in Claire, who felt disillusioned for similar reasons after her time in TA. We wholly believed it was possible for a PKing clan to have strong community values and integrity, which led to the creation of TR. Whilst I am haunted by an array of regrets due to my own shortcomings, I will always cherish the memories and lifelong bonds made, just as I will always be proud of the triumphs and many instances where TR defied the odds. Thank you to everyone over the years that played a part in making this possible.

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Hi, I’m Clugred (also known as Claire) and I was one of the founders of ‘The Rising’ with Dan


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….


I started playing RS. Not sure when, pretty sure it was around 2002/2003, I was on maternity leave and bored out of my mind, started playing and was instantly hooked. Also introduced my husband to the game and we played together a fair bit at the start, where we both got lured into the clan world.


So clanning:


Mat and I started out in a small anti-rpk clan with some friends I’d met in game and when the leadership stepped down, we led together for a while. That clan was Sleeping Dragons and during our time there, Mat got a job at Jagex and pretty much stopped playing. I wanted something more so a good friend of mine, suggested ‘Sabres’ and we went there together. Franzk came across my radar while I was in SD (he liked to come and flame on the forums) and tempted me into PK’ing, where I would tag along to a few day trips with him and other members of DS, I did this for a long time and had a lot of friends in DS, but never felt the aggressive nature was quite right for me, so never actually joined (had much fun scouting for them on their official pks). I liked the feel of The Alliance clans and considered Gladz, but the green cape wasn’t my thing. In the end I followed a friend to ‘THE’, where I enjoyed some excellent wars and learnt a lot about how to do things (and not do things). I wanted more PKing than ‘THE’ had to offer and tempted by Tuesday I trundled across to TMRD which also had many good things going for it.

The important bit and probably my best and worst years on RS:


 ‘The Alliance’ seemed to get quieter and quieter, with the leadership moving away from PKing and becoming less and less active. Dan and I would chat about our clans and the way they were going and talked about what we really wanted from a clan. This was where the idea of The Rising was born. Dan thought the 2 of us could start a new clan, with a strong community spirit, but also with active wilderness activity. We played around with the idea, spoke with others who were like minded and slowly the idea took hold, so we took the plunge.


We went from an idea to a fighting force quicker than any of us expected Many of our founding members were a part of TA clans. Understandably the alliance clans weren’t particularly pleased with us, we’d taken many of their members, but that hostility spurred much of our success. It was amazing and I really enjoyed leading the clan, but it reached a point where there was a lot of drama, as well as the loss of the wilderness and I struggled to keep motivated. BH and Clan Wars just weren’t the same and I ended up quitting the clan as well as RS.


Having quit for several years, I came back with the release of Old School RS and played casually for a while, before joining Divine Forces. Unfortunately, life invaded and I reached the point where I became unreliable for events so decided it was time to quit for good.


In real life I work in retail, mostly enjoy it and it keeps me out of trouble, although I am also studying business management. We have plans to start and run our own business, but this has been put on hold for now. Sadly I no longer have time for gaming and although I did check out my account (last login something like 1760 days ago) I don’t think I’d ever get back in to RS as I really just don’t have the time for it.

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Hi, I’m Monkey, originally Monkeyfbi135 and then later Big Dumb Ape/Platyrrhine/countless other stupid names. I started playing RS in 2003 and joined my first real clan - Rune Raiders - in 2004. I later went to EH in 2006 and then joined The Rising in 2008. In The Rising I was a mentor, FA manager, and council for a little while. Later on I was leader/co-leader for the last 2-3 years of the clan’s existence. We changed with the clan world, particularly with regard to emphasis on CWA. While TR was born as a PKing clan and ideally would have remained one, we had to make changes as spontaneous PK trips became pointless due to the lack of wilderness activity. In 2011 and 2012 we made major improvements in that area, and before long we were able to compete with top CWA teams while also having a strong presence in the wilderness when that opportunity arose.


Ultimately, as much as we tried to adapt to the changing clan word, it became clear in late 2011 that our days as a clan were numbered. Many officials were ready to move on with their lives, the clan world was becoming more and more defined by crash wars (and therefore staying out of them became progressively more challenging), and the number of opponents left to fight was steadily decreasing. After recognizing the writing on the wall, we made the bittersweet decision to close in May of 2012. I am grateful that we were able to make our last year a great one and go out with a bang, rather than fizzling out like so many other clans.


Since then I tried to join a few clans, but none kept my interest or meant as much to me as TR did. I quit RS for good in 2014 or so.

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HI I'm HsCrusader07, one of TRs founding members and first Warlord. Trying to think back to my clan history has definitely proven harder than anticipated. I know I was in RSD, Solace, Exodus and Syndicate though I'm sure there were more. My early clan history does stick out. In 2094 I joined 'The' Futures, graduated to 'The' Clan but always was more involved in TF
L. I worked up FROM Pk coordinator to Warlord to TF Leader and was briefly a 'The' General. Disappointed by the lack of pk dedication and the importance of wars decreasing, I heard about The Rising and was in.


TR was definitely my favorite part of my rs career. Pking every day and helping the clan grow was really special and the friendships were amazing. Being one of the first Generals and Warlord of the most active Pking clan was a blast. I had a few different tenure with TR, tending to leave after a hot moment and having Dan bring me back in a month or so to get the clan going again. Looking forward to answering some questions as best as I possibly can.

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Is there anything that would interest you in reopening again or playing again?


If you played again but didn't want to reopen, what clan do you think you'd find yourselves in?


What do you think of the following clans?








What in your opinions are the worst/best changes the game has gone through from a pvp/clanning standpoint or just in general?


Do you wish you'd perhaps gotten TR more involved in p2p? How do you think it would have played out?








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14 minutes ago, true said:

Who were TR's most important officials?


Who were the worst promotions in TR?


What were TR's biggest victories?

For most important officials, you have to give Sooz credit whether you like her or not. She was an immense figure in the clan. Other than that I’d say Peter and Cembio deserve a lot of credit.


We didn’t really have a lot of bad promotions. There were some people who simply weren’t cut out for the responsibilities they were given, but no one was mentally unstable and ended up spying or leaking forums or anything.


Biggest victories in my mind are beating EH uncapped, our last fight against RSD, and a couple of other uncapped fights we had, like when we beat TMC after like 8 hours or something ridiculous.

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Questions for everyone:


During your time in TR when did you feel the peak was and when was the low and why?


Do you still keep in touch with any TR currently?





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17 minutes ago, true said:

Thoughts on the H0tgun-led TR that's opened/closed a few times on OSRS?

I’m pretty indifferent. I mean there’s nothing preventing him from using the name and there were some members in common. But from what I understand the environment within the clan was pretty different.

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