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Runescape Name (Don't post if login name)

Preferred Name 
i go by randy darsh now it's my thing

Current Clan

Previous Clan History
Solace - 2010 - 2013


Who do you know in Tempest?
I know all ex-Solace members and the ex-TKO Blitz people from back in the day

Are you interested in joining?
yep, just need to camp NMZ for like a day, am interested in participating in the clan scene again it's been like 10 years

Brief Introduction

I was in Solace for 3 years as a teenager pls don't judge my cringe teenage shit too harshly from back then xd but yeah i like gaming and play basketball etc. Mostly curious to see who from ex-Solace is still around the scene. I did a lot of vidding for them and posted on the fight topics on zybez so a few people who weren't in Solace might still recognize my name


EDIT: Okay i never thought i would have to tell the conclusion to this story 10 years later on a Runescape forum, but yes, the story is true. As a teenager I took too much of a zinc supplement every day and didn't realize it effected certain parts of my body, and it would literally make me sick if i didn't take care of it. basically, if you're a Male, DON'T take an extra-strength Zinc supplement every single day >_>

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Welcome friend.






Grand Miracle Wizard of the Far-Right Sea Templar's Party | Bringing racism back into RS clanning since 2023.



RSN: Knight Frank

Leader of REIGN community since 2004 - Undisputably the best gaming community in history.

Rank 3 in the UK for Riichi Mahjong (UKMA ELO)

An absolute shitload of rank ones/top10 rankings in multiple games.



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Hey there, welcome to the forums








PDlMitch ~ Ex: Knights of Order ~ Collision ~ Syndicate ~ Exodus ~ Crimson Raiders ~ Downfall ~ Divine Forces








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