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Flukejiver AMA


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Hello everyone. My name is Flukejiver, but people usually just call me Fluke. I’ve been around Runescape for about 17 years, starting in 2004. I work in the IT industry and deal mostly with cybersecurity. I’m a pretty active person irl. Most of my free time nowadays is spent on RS as I don’t really play any other games anymore or watch much TV other than sports. I am going to do my best to remember what I can from my days in Gielinor and hopefully my dates/information aren’t too far off.


I started playing runescape because my brother was playing with a bunch of his friends and I wanted to fit in. So I went to a random name generator and that’s where Flukejiver was born. Runescape was really interesting to me because I never played a game before that had so many different things I could do, from the skills to killing certain monsters. I got sucked in right away and never stopped playing. My clanning period began when I met Yogosun woodcutting.


THE Clan - 2006 - 2011

Yogosun was my referral to get into THE which was pretty cool. I held just about every rank in this clan except for Leader. Looking back, this was one of the better clans someone could start with because of the great community and were decent in terms of warring. I always felt like I could really contribute to a clan by being more than a member so in order to start moving up, I took on the rank to be a part of the Events team. I had to start somewhere so I figured this would do in order to start proving myself. After downloading TS2 and experiencing warring for the first time, being a caller was something I was extremely interested in. Over the next few months, I was eventually promoted to the PK team. This is where I really started enjoying the game. I remember being in the calling lineup with Iceman520, someone who I looked up to and learned a lot from. This was the period in time where we went 20-0 and were pulling ~250 ops. We felt unstoppable (obviously not the case). Things eventually got worse because Iceman/La Hire didn’t like how the leadership was towards them and decided to leave, taking a lot of people with them. During this time, it was a bit rough, but we managed to push through and keep up our activity. By 2010, I was promoted to the Council rank which is where I eventually ended my time. This decision was extremely hard for me to make, but I felt like I needed to try something new so that’s what I did.


The Titans - 2011 - 2013ish

I was really good friends with Jayzy while he was in THE and after talking to him about wanting to try something new, I decided to join TT. It was very weird going from a high rank in a clan to a noobie, but it didn’t take long to fit in. The community was awesome and warring was even better. This is where I met a lot of longtime friends, some that I still clan with today ❤️ The best memory I have was obviously the 24 hour fight vs. DF. I never would have thought that 2 clans would fight for 24 hours straight, but it happened… I ended up fighting for 22 of the 24 hours before DF called it off. I’m not sure if I would ever do that again if I had the chance, but it was pretty memorable because we won (sorry True). I was starting to get really busy during this time in my life because of college, etc, and eventually became inactive.


During this lul period from 2013-2020, I played RS off and on. I didn’t really have time to be active in a clan so I tried to play as little as possible because that’s what really drove me to play the game. There was a period of time where I actually didn’t play for 3-4 years.


Because of COVID, like many of us, I started to play RS again. There was so much stuff that changed over the years that I wanted to try and since I had free time, why not!  So I started reminiscing on the old days and started poking around to see what clans were alive. I came across DF so I decided to make an intro on the forums. Secret agents were spying and my fellow TT members Dickus and Panda Mike were sent to swipe me up. That’s when I decided to join Tempest.



Tempest - Sept 2020 - Present

There were so many people in Tempest that I previously knew from either being in the same clan or fighting against them so it wasn’t a hard decision. The community was awesome from the beginning and really brought back old vibes. I remember the first fight I participated in, I had a huge tank and I was hooked. It’s really been an honor to be given the opportunity to become a rank and work with people that I have a lot of respect for.


There is probably so much that I have missed, but if you have any questions, ask away!

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Who are your top 5 favorite caller all-time?


What went "wrong" with THE in the 09-11 era?


Who are the best / worst ranks from THE's history?


Favorite things about Tempest?


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Any porking scandals?

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Who is your favorite clan to fight in 2021?


Thoughts on current VR?


Thoughts on current DF?


If I didn't snipe you from DF's intro section, would have joined them?


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As I told you before, throwing you that rope is one my favorite decisions I've made with Tempest. You've been an asset to both the clan & officials team the moment you joined. I appreciate the hell out of you.

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Thoughts on DI when you were in THE?


Favourite fight in THE?



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