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Forum upgrade and new skin


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It's a pretty solid upgrade. Not insanely impressed, but at least the ranks benefit member profile pics don't look like they were ripped from VR's forums anymore.


Edit: The new anchor icon is sick. Just saying. I do appreciate this stuff.


Minor complaint already: can we have thread titles that we've already viewed unbold so we can tell we've read them?







Can you center the "YOU" with my avatar and the rank(2 in this case), and space it out between the rank and "YOU"? Looks gross the way it is right now.

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Now we need to change our clan cape to match the new skin color :# which looks wonderful btw



The only thing I kinda miss is this box glow matching the rank color




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Some of the issues raised are far from simple to fix but will continue working through them over the weekend and get most of them fixed hopefully. Keep mentioning anything you find. 

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