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Have you ever been arrested?


Have you ever been arrested?  

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Nope.  I was briefly detained at the US/Canadian border 3 times though due to incompetent friends lol...







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Id like to say yes cuz I would have some cool story to tell (or no) but nah. And prisions in Brazil are actually much worse then In America or Europa btw so I hope I dont go to jail lol




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Once, when I was 16, 3 of my buddies and myself met up to do the marijuanas. It was late and past curfew for minors so we decided to pull in behind the old Time Warner building which was now vacant.  Being amatures we were smoking out of a  20oz soda bottle with an aluminum foil bowl piece. About an hour after pulling in we're all feeling good, vibing to some Pink Floyd, somebody mutters something about the cops and I'm like, "How crazy would it be if the cops came back here". Turns out they were trying to tell me the cops had just pulled in behind us. I was in the back so I didn't notice they had pulled up without their lights on. 


Cop knocks on the window asks what we were doing? A question  to which we didn't have a suitable answer so we just sat there in silence. He then had us all get out of the car. They only searched 2 of us, they honestly never asked for my ID or my name they were just super focused on the 2 in the front seat because they were both 18. As they search the first guy, the 2nd one reaches into his pocket to get his ID and the cop freaks out and pulls his gun on him because he didn't know what he was grabbing. With the gun in his face he pulls out his ID calmly and hands it to the officer. The officers then put the 2 from the front seat into the backseat of separate cop cars and then put me in the backseat with the one that had the gun drawn on him. 


The minute I get in the car we start talking.... I tell him "I'm so glad we smoked all the weed, they can't really get us for anything". He then proceeds to pull out a massive bag Salvia (Psychadelic plant that produces intense hallucinations) and shows it to me. I freak out immediately and tell him to put it away. I had forgotten he had the bag to begin with, but he tells me that when he reached into his pocket for the ID and the cop pulled the gun was when he pushed the bag deeper into his pocket in such a way that it wouldnt be found. So it worked but he almost got Trayvon'd.


The cops then take us to the police station and call our parents.  The only person who got in trouble were the two 18 year olds because we were out past curfew for a minor. Parents came to pick us up and thats when I had to explain to my parents that I smoked for the first time.

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11 hours ago, Ace said:

Surprised Pete hasn't considering how intently the FBI must be watching him at all times.

I'm what you would call a model citizen


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