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Who is the worse company?


Who is the worse company?  

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Riot may have killed my one trick champion, but it's not like they'll destroy an entire longstanding game mode like Dominion or something 

.... I want to change my vote now ... 

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I don't think riot is as incompetent as jagex.  Think of all the recent stuff with crashing worlds with max players and duping billions of gp.  Letting every major pvp tourny get ddossed.   Allowing a jmod to be a part of rot (lmfao?) whist knowing and never taking action until he fucked off to Argentina.  I dont play any riot games really, so if riot had any crazy stories like jagex i'd be interested to hear it.

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In what way? Given their size, both businesses have operated well, care about their players and have their ethics in check.









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