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Hi, I'm Lucas / fm11, AMA


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Hey everyone, I’m Lucas, fm11, Funkymunky11, etc… Quite frankly I never thought I’d post on a forum site like this again, but during COVID David asked me to do this and I figured it would be fun. There were a few delays and a lot of patience on his end so I wanted to take a moment to say thanks! If there’s anything you’d rather ask me in private feel free to shoot me a DM.

If you don’t know me, hi! I was an active clanner from 2006-2013 and my RSN was Funkymunky11. I’m probably best known for being a member of Adelais, an Exodus Warlord and Solace Leader. There are a few clans in between that I’ll mention below but the majority of my time was spent in Solace, from 2009-2013. Other random things I’m known for… Gary’s Hood, Walrus memes, leaked RL information, CWA/Team Bison, coined some pretty dumb sayings like ‘the gooch’ ‘bind tank spam’ ‘boof that homie’ ‘rangers are doing what?’

Why now? Well like most people, COVID changed my working situation. In total I took a 7-year hiatus then started playing when quarantine hit. I played some RS3 with the new skill, and even did DMM day 1 & 2 with RoT (thx Derek & Ruby!). After that, I had to get my appendix out and really wasn’t too interested in OSRS since I was a completionist cape nerd. I play RS3 occasionally but I primarily just use the PC for work and call it good.  



Brief Clan History (from RSC profile lol)

MoD - November 2006 - June 2007
Outcast - June 2007 - September 2007
Adelais - September 2007 - November 2008
Divine Forces - November 2008 - February 2009
Exodus - February 2009 - August 2009
Solace - October 2009 - February 2013



Masters of Dragons (2006-2007)
I joined MoD in late 2006 after being in-game recruited by Wolksvagon. It was my first experience in a ‘real’ clan that used IRC, forums and TeamSpeak frequently. I was a lower level, 104, 105 maybe, so when it came to F2P fights I started getting cut more and more often. I maxed my combat pretty quickly and shortly after the new year I was maxed melee. I was young so I was super active, and was P2P pking with senior members like Nintendo 456 and Josh 221. When Nin and Josh got promoted, they vouched for me as well and I was our P2P PK Leader. After we tried to get the clan more active, doing more events in both P2P and F2P, the leadership pushed back so Nin created his own clan, Outcast. Naturally I knew what was going on and left right away.



Outcast (2007)
Not a whole lot to say here, it had a really short life and I wasn’t there for all of it. After joining there was a lot of drama because some individuals from another clan, Deathrow, had also joined and brought with them some tangled relationships. I was in Outcast for a month and a half but I was on my usual California vacation for 2 weeks of those weeks.



Adelais (2007-2008)
Being in MoD and Outcast, someone we fought frequently was Adelais. I didn’t want to join one of the big clans yet and I also wanted to RC PK, like Josh 221. It was just so funny because previously something like that was a ‘strike’ or whatever but in Adelais, Josh was one of the highest levels and we started having more fun outside of the game. Of course, the wilderness died, bounty hunter, all that jazz. I was one of the only active people who wanted to lead fights and was a high level so typically was alive longer. I became Marshal shortly after the removal of free trade and had a great summer with Hasan & friends. I actually met a friend from here, Havoc Razor, who I still play RS3 with occasionally and talk about life, etc. He’s such a good guy so this clan made a huge impact. I left for my usual summer vacation and when I came back the clan was pretty weird. Hasan was getting ready to be busy with school and the rebellious attitude that Adelais was so proud of really didn’t work well for CWA.


Divine Forces (2008)
I was going in the total opposite direction–I wanted people who wanted to fight all the time no matter what. DF provided tons of action and my first experience really trying to tank 50+ people. It was a pretty steep learning curve and people were already saying I was a clan hopper. I was basically told that because I wasn’t integrating a ton with the EST members I was going to have voting issues, but I still managed to get accepted! Again, my boy J221 was a PK Leader in Exodus and told me I had to join, and at the time I was just ranging in DF’s piles or sniping. I figured I could just do that on a spare and I really wanted to do something again. 


Exodus (2009)
This was such a wild time. I had joined because of Dark Invoker and Josh 221, really enjoyed them and their vision for the clan but with their activity waning, Exodus really died off quickly. I was a member and quickly got promoted to PK Leader where I really made a name for myself as a caller. People in Exodus were expecting me to be good, but I was leading Adelais in CWA before this… I talked a ton of smack on RSC and this period really tarnished the reputation. “Left a big clan to get a rank in a smaller one, the new clan pulls 50 people so now this guy thinks he’s cool”.. All that. I look back at it and loved my time there though, I was dealing with some serious health issues in early 2009 and had to attend some of the fights from a hotel lobby computer (primarily the Syndicate and Shadow Elves sagas). I left for my summer vacation and Dark Invoker had the audacity to retire… mah man… Came back and was pretty focused for my freshman year of college and also kinda looking forward health wise, I didn’t want to commit to something that was as big as Exodus (I started doing real forum/admin CP work here as well as named all the wildy locations etc). So I left and joined DF again for like 2-3 fights and then left there as well. I had been labeled a clan hopper and was pretty burnt out.



Solace (2009 -> 2013)
Future Applicant - October 12th 2009
Member - October 28th 2009
MOTM - January 1st 2010
Warlord - February 12th 2010
Co-Leader - March 1st 2011
Leader- June 2nd 2011


Apparently the waybackmachine had that on RSC, super cool. It’s hard to find all of the words that should be said about my Solace experience. I was the first Future Applicant (well, me and Wakka Lulu, but it was the same day/time).... before they were auto accepting everyone. But, many of the people in this clan were from Shadow Elves, a clan whom I had consistently beefed with in multiple clans… so things were a bit awkward, but I made friends quickly with Zhandaly and Blake. Really enjoyed the smaller fights but at a certain point they get old, and Solace was growing. TMO was retiring and made, in my opinion,  a very questionable decision to make Haron the leader. Haron had pretty much zero experience except that of a former SE member and a country clan that didn’t do PvP (as I can remember). Haron was also highly inactive, and I saw the writing on the wall for the usual ‘make a new clan, promote a new leader, still dies’ due to little/no change. I used my Invisionfree ACP knowledge and expanded further into real web admin duties, file hosting, that catchy ADTR song on the solace-rs.com page (o yeah baby)... I just knew something had to be done. Well I was still seen as someone highly toxic, clan hopper whatever, dangerous with power (all of these are true), so I remained a PK Leader while Zhandaly and Hios were promoted to Co-Leaders of the clan.


Hios is a great lad and I actually had the pleasure of reconnecting with him during COVID. We talked as recently as last week about ‘strawberry blond’... if you’re Solace you know this epic mid-fight call too…”Lucas, go ahead and take it mate, I think I just got my lady preggo guys”.. This was pretty much the last we heard of him (for a while, see below!) so it was really myself, Kayla (Athena from TT/VR), Blake, and Dan(Zhandaly). Dan was by far the biggest leadership figure for Solace in 2010 and led us through some of our best moments. We were just starting to pull 40-50 consistently, fighting clans primarily in the GMT timezone due to us not being able to pull enough people. Dan eventually did step aside and TMO was able to be active for a short while before leaving me, Hios and Ghetto in charge. We had tons of leadership issues due to Hios taking some time off and Ghetto leaning a bit more to the ‘modern’ approach whereas Hios was focused on showing that we were an honor clan. Unfortunately, EoS had activity issues so they used a common strategy–bully a smaller clan to build momentum. This was right after Hios had gone inactive again and for the first time in my clanning career, I had to step away for 2-3 weeks while I sorted out what the heck I was doing in real life.


When I came back it was awkward because I had to get a new phone/PC and didn’t have some of my logins, but Ghetto told me that the past 2 weeks had been pretty rough. Ghetto had felt that his activity wasn’t up to par for leader, so here I found myself. Trying to balance life, trying to get a feel for things, but it was ‘we need to do something right now’. I really started using some of the recruitment tactics that had brought success in Exodus and Adelais, and really focused on quality and rewarding activity. We rebranded the ranks (too many times, but this was the first big one) and started changing the way we operate on our application basis and where we were headed. Ghetto, Derek and Klutzy were the advisors during this time and really did well managing snipe unit, spy networks, public image/negotiations, the whole thing. This period for me was amazing as we were finally not as outnumbered and could send 25 snipers and do what others needed 40+ for. Everyone was decked out in full corrupt and DG gear cause we all DG’d together (and it was required to be a sniper)...



EoC… pretty self explanatory (Nice Ely Dan).... 🙂


Besides EoC, I also had just found out that I was becoming a young father and it seemed like a good time to go out. There were a lot of issues at the end where people would rather play other games and basically crapped on the attitude of every event. Me, being a hothead and finally slaying the beast that was ‘RSD’, decided suspensions and rash actions were best, which they weren’t, and things couldn’t really be repaired. I’ve talked with quite a few ex-members and I think everyone can agree that we’ve all grown from it, but I had some of the best times of my teenage/early 20’s on a video game with these people and it really made an impact. There are too many people to name in this and I’m trying to just send it and not re-edit later but seriously, thank you all for being homies. I was super anal, there’s really no hiding it… right cape? Right style? Garys on? Fall in faster?... but that’s part of what made us great. When we did bad…. Well… ask an ex-member or ask me here and you’ll find out! AMA

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What was your favorite Leadership iteration in Solace?


What is your "top" accomplishment as an official?


You always seem to be beefing with EOS for some reason, how/why/when did that start? Does it really go back to Adelais times as I've heard?


Biggest regrets in regards to clanning?


Do you still speak to Josh 221? What was your relationship like back in the day?


Thoughts on Dark Invoker as a Leader?

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hey Lucas, it’s Heath aka Pure Ach1.


how did you feel when i found out the R2 Full Helm glitch when EOC came out that lead us going 42-0 first weeks in  EOC.


also the walrus tattoo was hot

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Why the fuck did you think joining a Tukuruk clan was a good idea?

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ToffieLatte @ EU-Kadan | 애플캔디라떼 @ KR Kadan (LAO)

Multi T10  & T100 EU/NA/JP FFXIV /  Master Hearthstone / SC2 GM 2v2 | Master 1v1 / WoW 2x R1 Rogue/Shaman S9 & S23 SL / SL3 KSM on Rogue | 3x Hero S9 S14 S1  | Gladiator S4, S8, S9 x2, S14, S15, S16, S17, S23, BFA S2/3/4, SL S1 | 3k Priest & Shaman (Cata/Legion) / Platinum LAO EU (Gold KR/RU)

Leader of REIGN community since 2004


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Hey old pal, long time.

Is Nintendo 456 still around?


Who were some of your favourite clanners?


who were some of your best officials? And worst?

Trevor#1700 | @Vanuckle

















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how'd you feel about CR back then? exodus and CR had a huge thing goin on that most of the clan world in my head knew about


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how'd it feel to lead a top EOC clan back then? iirc solace was super good at EOC and i remember ascension being stoked to take a round off you guys


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Which era would you say was your favourite?


What would you say is the best and worst thing about rs3?

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do you think the clan world would be different if the leaders of the clans back then were now 30? in this hypothetical situation, what traits in a leader would yield the best results in your opinion?


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those pictures are still seared into my mind

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ex Border Patrol

ex Reign of Terror oldschool member/moderator

ex Solace member



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