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What Was the Best Year of RS2 Clanning?



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I haven't been around for long enough to give a fair answer I suppose. But personally, 2006 is where I hold my fondest clan memories. It seemed like there were so many different clans out there; not only that, most clans had huge memberlists as well. The culture of declaring war on rivals and so on just hit differently. 



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early/mid 2009 was pretty wild. before eh/se/di all closed. legit like 30+ clans who could pull 150+ opts. you could still go out PKing in F2P and run into other clans and have ACTUAL "PKRIs" without setting up fights. definitely helped that all we had were PvP worlds so clans were forced to see each other pretty much.


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Depends, p2p pre wildy removal was best time i ever had in rs. F2p dung era was great(f2p pre wildy removal was great tho), but wildy was shite with ep. So lets say like 2007 and 2011

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09-11 for me but voted 2010. Those were the golden years. Sacrificed a ton of irl gains for that garbage lol but no ragrets.





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