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    I hate my life rn

    Nice hunter lvl Grats =]
  4. Either Pokemon Red or some random SNES game
  5. Runescape Name lVitor Preferred Name Vitor Discord ID Vitor#8055 Current Clan Wilderland Previous Clan History Pre-EoC: Wilderland / Collision OSRS: Exotic / Downfall / Damage Inc. Are you interested in joining? No, just saying hello Brief Introduction Hello there, my name is Vitor I'm a brazillian a gamer, I've been playing this game for a long time and recently achieved maxed overall. I enjoy playing every kind of game and it's better if I can play with friends so we can get some laught out of it (basically troll games). Overall I'm pretty chill, like to hang around with friends and have some drinks, currently studying/working on being a dev and trying to have some fun with this game once again while being stuck home. I also try my hardest whenever I'm fighting a Steel War.
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