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  1. RuneScape Name Pure Fear 3 Plavljanic / Plaffy Discord ID plaffy#8184 Current Clan IRL Clan History The FireBirdz (2004/5) - Like most of us, solo player killing & DM'ing led me straight to the clan world. After browsing RSC, I landed on this small community based clan to start my career. Here I met my first few best friends (Interf4ce, T Zoid, molefrend, Devilsclaw66, Emster006, JamieJams, Zpoofx among others) which I would follow as we moved onto other clans. I grew to dislike our Leader which led me to leaving and essentially making a crash team (Fatality) with a friend to hunt and kill them whenever they stepped into the Wild. After a while they basically paid us off to stop and I would return to FBZ as a Wilderness Leader after a brief stint in Bloodfall. I remember vividly being chased out of GDZ by 'The' with over 100 people which further sparked my want for bigger and better clanning. The clan was struggling with much male/female drama so I would leave before it closed and started the search for my next clan. Phobia (2006) - I really, really wanted to join FEAR after looking around but I definitely didn't meet the requirements at the time. Figured I would join their junior clan and hopefully make it sooner or later. After a month or so I really wasn't enjoying myself so I decided to join my friends over at ST. Sacred Templars (2006) - My stay here was only about 3/4 months due to their closure soon after I joined but the rivalries with Gladz, TRWF and DI I will always remember, especially our first win over DI after so much time. There were so many friendships made (this is where I met the OG Plavljanic), the clan was massive, and of course I would follow the trend and join EH on an invitation basis. Eternal Honour (2007/8) - Obviously the same big vibes as ST. Rivalries with EoS/VR/CoR and just so many people to hang out with. I got really bitter and upset at leadership namely Islamia and his minions so I let one of my best friends who was in RoT on my forums account to have a free go at their community/P2P events. Of course leadership eventually tracked it down and I was perm-banned going forward. This is where my transition to Plavljanic began. Being one of my best pals and going back to Serbia essentially quitting Scape, I remained in EH under his account for a long time, claiming Best Sniper and just enjoying life as the 'new' Plav. The problem came when I had to sign up for a mandatory war and I could not get in contact with him to do so of course I had to. Unfortunately, EH being on top of most things found out and I was yet again removed from the clan. Aggression (2008/9) - I had 2 stints as an FA. My first ended as my main (PF3) was banned for RWT. During a 3 man MB trip with Darkpaladin9 & Link Trigger, DP9 was mad drunk and a player mod at the time. He reffed both of us for it and I was banned a few days later with around 800m and Lisa would got Mod about a month later. My second time under Plav I was BS'd / kicked during BH Crater days. Someone was on a DI member (Winzent) which happened to be my target in max melee. They weren't allowed to pray 1v1 obviously but I tried to spec him out when low and failed which led to him over-heading and unfortunately escaping .. damn you dragon claws. The Titans (2009/close) - My ride or die. I loved everything about this clan and gave everything to this clan all the way down to the end. I never imagined the journey it would take me on - an innocent member to first-time caller on a large scale, to ending Leader and everything in-between. There is so much I could say and legit looking back on it makes me somewhat emotional. Of course I wish things ended differently and I wish I could have done all the right things when no one else was really around to help. I would not trade this time for anything, nor would I say we ever failed as a clan. Highs and lows yes, but we showed the clan world what we were capable as a truly dominant, man for man (can't forget the women) clan. I could write pages and pages of the specifics of each era but I believe those are better left as just memories. Team History Euphoria - I was reluctant to join a team at first since I could not stand the likes of TKO/SE etc., so I decided to join a different, mostly GMT crowd. It was a blast despite yet again having fallouts with other Officials. Despite everything, we were really good and this even more so satisfied my love for calling. Merlin - If you know, you know. We basically dominated every fight in EoC and I had the privilege to call for some really good Scapers. Undefeated Kings. Who do you know in Tempest? I've been around the clan scene since '04/5 so I "know" / heard of most. Obviously any ex-clan mates especially TT. Are you interested in joining? That's a question for another day. Brief Introduction My name is Jonathan, I'm 29, and live in Chicago, IL. Married 3 years or else I would be full-time gaming still. OG Scaper who loves to AFK skill. I enjoy tormenting myself in high Plat / low Diamond SoloQ (LoL). I'm in Floor Restoration as a job which includes most things carpet, tile, stone, & hardwoods, and was volunteering 70 hours a month pre-COVID. Love anything sports and all things food and drinks.
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