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  1. Make sure to smash that like button. Will drop the 2nd montage at 500 likes!!
  2. As title says I'm looking for a duo partner to kill Giant Mole with. MUST HAVE MAXED MELEE AND MAX GEAR. DO NOT pm me if you do not have the requirements!! All loot will be split 50/50. PM me on discord if interested - Influcted#7320 (inf` on Tempest discord).
  3. I hope Russia win. It's unfair what NATO is doing to them.
  4. Offering free Barbarian Assault carries for Torso for the next week or so. Any levels. PM me on Discord (inf`).

  5. I've been doing some thinking and have come to the conclusion the war is not Russias fault. The US getting involved and trying to influence Ukraine meant Russia had no choice but to invade with tanks with their army and carry out air strikes on cities. What do you think???
  6. Post some lyrics from a song that hit deep. Here's mine: This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name Post yours.
  7. So yeah long story short I met this girl on a world of tanks discord I frequent and instantly it was love at first type. Over the next few weeks we got to know each other exchanging pics etc and then we decided I would fly out to meet her. Fast forward to meeting her at the airport, as soon as I saw her I felt like she looked at my head and started laughing? I know my hairline isn't the best (see spoiler below) but she'd seen my pics so not sure why she would laugh after seeing me in real life. Anyway a few days into the trip and we've been having a good time but haven't had sex yet. We go out for a romantic candlelit dinner and I'm thinking tonight is the night. We go back to the room and are about to do it before she pulls out a wig and asks me to wear it? At first I was like wtf but she was like "please for me" etc so I thought whatever. It was mad itchy and stuff and I didn't enjoy wearing it. Anyway after we did it and I'm sat there contemplating what the fuck just happened I start thinking how weird it was and why she would ask me to wear it. Only thing I can think of is she didn't like the state of my current hairline or she has some sort of wig fetish? Either way having to wear a wig everytime we have sex is weird and I don't think I'm going to do it. What are your thoughts fellas? My current hairline:
  8. So yeah long story short my hair transplant has been unsuccessful and so I'm faced with the prospect of being bald by force in the not too distant future. Currently I'm rocking a bit of a monk cut at the back with some thing lines to try and cover over it at the front/mid but I'm thinking of shaving it off. Current hair: I was wondering how the opposite sex feels about bald men? Still searching for the special one to make Mrs Smile4lumby and I've never been bald before and so it's making me anxious. Would you recommend me to go bald or leave as is? Let me know what you think. Thank you
  9. Well done Currently I'm in boot camp training for the upcoming world of tanks season invitational (75 hours a week) so don't have time to join but good to see it's going well
  10. I think they look nice and they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I wear them everywhere. Sneakers
  11. As title says, can be either smart or casual. I'll start: Post yours
  12. Going to bed for now, keep the questions coming and I'll answer them tomorrow morning 🙂
  13. 1. What made you pick DI out of all the other top clan there were? I had always idolized Ghjjf but never got the chance to join due to being busy leading the Edgeville Dungeon Conglomerates. I approached Brian for a merge around 2008 and he declined otherwise I would have joined DI earlier. I was active on their forums from 2007. 2. Why was Flip Flops actually the best CWA team to grace the game? No idea what flip flop is
  14. Probably getting booted out of uni 4 months into first year for playing too much OSRS. Then his mum booted him out the house for the same reason and he had to go inactive in DI until he found a council flat.
  15. The biggest was probably Daniel 156 spying on VR for us for a bit before he went emo and stopped. Could have gotten him kicked but he was a useful idiot for us.
  16. Fully support it. I offered my services as co-leader when they reopened but he declined them. Poor decision.
  17. 1. why does victoria need her ass kicked? I once sent her a pic of me and she started laughing 2. have you met up with anyone from rs apart from harmr and do you have plans to meet up with any others? Not meeting up with anyone from RS until I've had my hair transplant 3. who is someone you think could have gone on to do a lot more in did than they did, but for whatever reason didn't or were never given the chance? Waterpower in DI
  18. 1. 5 officials excluding yourself and Brian who you feel were crucial to Di ? Alex Dawg, Oergg, DanB, Jonezy, The Olde Nite 2. 5 officials who you feel didn't accomplish much or shouldn't have been promoted? Joko, Zach, Scleritis, Bball, Paul 3. Thoughts on Foyboy in general as well as his departure from the clan to RoT ? Emo
  19. 1. Anyone you've lost contact with over the years from RS you wish you could get in touch with again? Masterkil from DI. Top Dutchie. 2. Anyone you're surprised to see is still around / playing? Anyone you're surprised to see is no longer around? Not really. Covid shit brought loads of people back so not surprised at all when people return. 3. Any clans you're surprised are still open or are surprised are no longer open? VR. They've been shit for what, 10 years? 4. Tell us some funny stories about you and harmr doing shit irl ? Once we decided to skip class and hide out in the toilets in school and it was so crazy. Heart was pumping like mad. In the end we managed to stay in the toilets for the whole lesson and turned up to the next lesson like nothing happened. Somehow got away with it! We still talk about it to this day, good times.
  20. 1. What's the story behind you getting kicked from Di? I got bored of the game so openly talked about skipping and got the boot... Unfair imo 2. What do you think of the guys (ex di included) who left Tempest and went to VR? I feel sorry for them for going VR. 3. Do you have any opinion of bball? Top shagger 4. What do you think of true 2k8? Notorious edater 5. What do you think of Vitality currently? Don't keep up to date, glad they're still going 6. What are some nh things you were involved in or at least aware of during your time in Di? Nothing crazy, spying on clans probably
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