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Calamity (2010?) - Was in the pure clan Calamity around 2010 through a request of a friend. Wasn't in there for too long since I'm a genius and decided to accept the mm xp thinking it would just give me str/hp xp but ended up ruining my pure in the process. I shortly quit the game after this event for a couple of months once I ruined my account.

Cutthroat (2017-2020) - Decided to join a couple of friends in the process of joining Cutthroat in fall of 2017 as my interest in pvp/clanning grew. Throughout my time at Cutthroat I learned a lot about pvp and started joining CWA teams and other communities to gain further experience in pvp and different styles of fighting. I eventually became a rank in CT and held a Mentor rank for a little under a year before stepping down due to inactivity and IRL. I stayed in CT until we  closed in March 2020. Thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I owe CT a huge thanks for making me who I am today.

Sanity (early 2018 - late 2018) - Joined Sanity for a short while to get more exposure to CWA and the RSB scene. Had a blast being a part of the community and learning more about pvm and rsbing. Eventually got removed due to inactivity.

Forsaken (early 2019 - mid 2019) - Joined Forsaken with some friends early 2019 as my interest in pvming grew. Had fun with the community but timezones didn't work out too well in my favor which ended up in me getting swept for inactivity.


Seals (early 2018 - late 2018) - Was in Seals for almost the entirety of 2018 where I met a bunch of good friends and other people in the clanning community. I owe Seals a big thanks for how quickly I gained experience in CWA fighting and grew better. I stayed in Seals until closure of the team.

Team Alpha - Joined Team Alpha to further my cwa/pvp experience and was there until the team closed down.

Flamingos (summer 2018) - As my interest in the different styles of pvp grew, I got really into single pking and eventually decided to join some friends over at Flamingos. I enjoyed my time learning more about single pking and hanging around my community but ultimately ended up being removed for inactivity as I started losing interest in single pking and got more into pvming.


Are you interested in joining?
My interest in joining is quickly rising but only time will tell.

Brief Introduction
Hey, my name is Rojas and I'm a pretty laid back sports/music-loving guy from the nation's capital. I usually roll with the punches but I enjoy being social and trying out new things/meeting new people. My music taste is all over the place so I'm always open to new music recommendations (please send me some!). My main listened to genres are rap, EDM, latino music, r&b, and indie/alternative music. I'm a huge dc sports fan, but mostly I'm a big Wizards/Caps fan and enjoyed watching them whenever I could before this whole pandemic thing started. Also thoroughly enjoy watching soccer and support the teams Real Madrid/Chelsea.. I've recently been trying to keep up with the occasional UFC/Boxing event since there's not much else to do.

In my spare time I enjoy working out, learning coding/keeping up with my investment portfolios, discovering new hobbies/interests, and of course playing video games like RS (have also been really into Dead by Daylight recently so hmu if you're tryna play). Also as stated earlier, I love trying out new things such as new movies/tv shows/books/video games... the list goes on. So please recommend me some shows/movies/music you've been into! Hope to meet you all further.

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Welcome dude. Who would you support if madrid played chelsea in uefa champions league final? 

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15 minutes ago, Ssj said:

Welcome dude. Who would you support if madrid played chelsea in uefa champions league final? 

Definitely Madrid! They're my favorite team for sure

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Ey Rojas

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