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Melo C

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Runescape Name
-Mojohaza1 (im not the real mojo obvs, changing it soon)

Preferred Name 

Discord ID
-Melo C.#1084

Current Clan

Previous Clan History
-Drunk Pkers, TR

Are you interested in joining?
-Nah fams

Brief Introduction
-From cali, been playing rs since 07/08 but started clanning late rip (2010ish).  Im a big fan of CWA/pkris that is my main thing to do in Rs, in fact that is the only reason i stayed playing RS off and on. I used to be in CD off and on for a short period of time back in the day, then took a long break off rs to focus on RL duties. When i came back I joined TR as well as a small group of f2p teams. 


RL wise i am just a trader of goods, even in this trying time business is good.  On that note, Hello and ty 4 warm welcomes in your cc/discord ? it is certainly a pleasure to be here. 

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11 minutes ago, mona p said:

Where is M V P in your clan history?

O right. Brief tenure with MVP trying to revive what was left of the clan world during the eoc/rs3 days. Damn so long ago rip. What was ur rsn? 

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