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How do you sleep tbh


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Nakey? With a teddy? with your doggo or cat? hot or cold? weighted blanket? use melatonin or some other sleepy time drug? earplugs? music? asmr or white noise stuff? noisy fan?



Serious question, promise I'm not stalking you or planning to bribe the monster under your bed or some shit. 










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Just pass out with my wife by my side. Usually listening to a podcast then wake up to my dog beside me. Used to be dog and cat

Not sure if you heard. I was leader of The BlacKnights.



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I can't really sleep without a t shirt, somehow my upper body gets cold even if it's blazing hot during summer nights. But in terms of sleeping, I am full sleeping beauty, able to get 9h full REM any time any day and known for the my long sleeps within clan world ?





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I lay on one side, then turn a few times to find my comfortable position, then fall asleep within like two or three minutes.

I need bedsheets to cover my bottom half at the very least, or else I have a hard time falling asleep for some reason. Even if it's like 90 F (32 C)

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In the shape of a swastika 

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