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Clan Envy

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Played Pre EoC 2005 - 2012 and clanned for a majority of those years.
I have not kept up with the clanning scene since then, I was approached a couple of times by SSJ when OSRS was first released and also when mobile was released but the grind was too much to keep up. I started playing again late into the lock down, and got through some of the grind, got most quests done and have a base account I could transition into clanning. Once back I did a bit of research on clanning but couldn't find much offsite. Luckily I had Scampr added and he´s the one that invited me into checking Tempest out. I also talked to Gokuu earlier today and found out a lot of familiar faces/names are here (Dan, Killamonsta, Stewie, Jackson, Dreambasher) as well as other memorable names from the community in general.
29 yo. male from nortwestern México, Civil Engineer working on Industrial Projects (Eg. Mining facilities, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Refinerys), so Im usually on the move, have traveled about 70% of Mexico at this point, which means I can have some very active periods and some down time periods if I eventually do join as a clan member.

-Envy Unit-

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