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PvM information & Rules


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  • All drops must include the date and a "Tempest vs Wildmight PvM comp" pre-type in the chat box.
  • All drop screenies must be submitted before September 3rd at midnight EST.
  • The competition will be running for 10 days, August 24 - September 3rd.
  • Start and end time will be at midnight EST.
  • Bunny Guests are allowed to participate. 
  • This is a best of three: Most points, wealth, and pets.
  • If you get a drop in a group please specify who was there on your respective post. This will make it much easier to track.
    https://tempest-rs.net/pvm/ a big shout out to @Pengy for creating this. With it, we'll be able to see both member and team contributions. Thanks mister coder!
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