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  1. Disney + espn + Hulu DAZN amazon prime Netflix’s Peacock HBO max Paramount+ Current ones I got right now.
  2. Congrats. Looks like a nice day of scape was had.
  3. Dennisbruv > true2k8 calling also NFL hates the raiders and robbed us again. but fun fight!!
  4. Congrats on your first year being open.
  5. You can do my slayer anytime
  6. Spying on a video game let alone in 2021. 😂😂. Not judging that’s just plain sad. But do you baby girl. 😉
  7. Only thing I know about you was from that topic of you getting caught spying. Disgrace to the name “Kobe” smh should never use that again. but hello!
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