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  1. Massive tile that mate, well played man solid log as well
  2. Exactly I just didn’t wanna brag to be honest
  3. I remember doing these fights in RSD and they just killed me, props for anyone who put the hours in but it was dreadful. I wasn’t there for Df/TT but can only imagine how much it probably went back and forth with clans clinging on till better timezones. I always loved the older days of mini wars and full outs where people returning was NH and people got flamed lol
  4. Shame for what’s left of the clan community really, especially with Rev gone. Hopefully relaxing the rules etc will keep the community going. Can’t knock their history and lot of people wore purple over the years and sounds like they are still going to be in pvp But EOS did this 4 years ago and look how well it’s worked, we’re still undefeated in PvP in 2023.
  5. Looked fun, good to see some F2P action!
  6. Massive gratz guys, b3b 2/3 required purples in like 10 raids or so, absolutely voodoo magic. I bet teamspeak was buzzing!
  7. Huge upgrade man congratulations! In before the B2B
  8. Parole has been granted - Nex jail is over. good work!
  9. Dude @Nanne30how are you this spooned at Mass Nex? Please explain immediately wdf you totally fucked over the MVP as well haha
  10. Very fast returning and strong spam. Clear Tempest win here my man @Nanne30crushing it
  11. Taking absolutely no shit from Whole Unit in your PMs whilst getting a purp - giga chad! Gratz
  12. FIrst every KC and a purple!! Gratz man
  13. TMRD were up there for a long period, SOL at peek was stronger but TMRD were solid mid tier clan for years back in The Alliance days
  14. - ROT - DS - Di - RSD - TT - DF - EOS - TD - Corr - VR - EH / ST - TMRD - TR / Sol / SE / TRWF / Rune Raiders / Anarchy - Exer / CR / BK / THE Most of those Clans have been higher up the list over time, VR for example, RSD all had spouts at the top. But based on most dominate over the longest periods 🙂
  15. This is awful lol, like I laughed at first then thinking it back its pretty toxic, guys deffo got some issues going on jeez Hope you had a lovely Christmas btw man 🙂
  16. Is this real? I've followed the Bles/Bolton Squad story for the past 2-3 years now and this is pretty much the peak If this is real.....full retard
  17. Got me right in the feels this thread, reminds me I'm getting old but also that those days for clanning were just incredible. We'll never get that same vibe again and the games just not setup to accommodate it either. Amazing to see so many of those names are actually still around here and there despite being 30+ years old. Good Times
  18. Tukuruk still plays RS now after all these years, he's sat in EOS a full PVM now. Remember there being a lot of clans similar to this over the years lead by the same team . A lot of these guys ended up in Hostile when Awaken etc merged. (I think it was Hostile?) With Conditions21 etc
  19. Life is deep I'm too far out of the game to know the politics/banter. Was great fun dusting off some rust, miss the good f2p days Thanks for a fun time
  20. Essentially a dead clans reunion trip, thought you guys would enjoy some action though considering how dead F2P is. Surprised people are calling TR out. Good fun.
  21. This is insane man, you were doing this during the multi clan pvm comp last summer (remember you posting d pickaxes) 20k? wilddd big gz man
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