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I'm sure we've all been there. Load up to play a game, you bring your 10/10 performance, just for randoms to show up and stunt your effort. Good way around this? Play with people you don't mind fucking up every once in awhile ?

Doesn't matter what you play on, Steam, PSN, XBL, Pogo, Battle.net, drop your names down below with some of the games you'd like to get down on with some fellow Tempestees. 


PSN / XBL: HellTSPRaiserz

Games: Smite (PS), NBA 2K20 (Both)

I also like playing 8-Ball and mini-golf on w/e site is popular at the time lmfao


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I don't play any of those anymore tbh, I have a PS4 but haven't touched it in a year ? but if you

League EUW add me: EspadaSan 


Ex-Envy Leader / Ex-Genesis Council / Ex-Divine Forces App Reviewer / Tempest Legend /






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I play a decent amount of Overwatch , Out#21829 can play either EU/NA

Don't really play anything else at the moment other than a little bit of Halo 3 on Steam and WoW Classic Kromcrush Server.







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