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oob's community intro


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Runescape Name

Preferred Name 

Discord ID
oob #4961

Current Clan
Forsaken  (elder member)
I've been in Forsaken for 9.5 years. I love this clan and intend to stay till the bitter end.

Dynasty (member)

Previous Clan History
Masters of Dragons (member)
This was my first clan, had a great time there

Runescape Dynasty (member)
RSD was my second clan, I was a full member for about 6 months. the fights were great but lasted too long for my taste.

Pure Hatred (elite member)
I joined PH after I left RSD, having already pked with them when they were an open cc. I left to join a MoD remake that never got off the ground. People were not nice when I left so in an immature act I leaked the forums. I Wish I didn't do that.

Northern Knights (member)
I was there for one fight.

Who do you know in Tempest?
Pietru & Out

Are you interested in joining?
I am considering it yes, but it is a big commitment and I want to get a feel for the community first.

Brief Introduction
Hey I'm oob, I'm Dutch and I've been playing Runescape on and off since 04. 
I'm known for crashing people at bandos though recently I've been teaming up with players to duo it.
I'm always watching one series or another and I like playing games on my ps4.
Currently I'm playing a lot of Fall Guys.


Forsaken Immortal

Each step you take reveals a new horizon.

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Welcome mate!


 Chivalry Legions Elite - Ex-Chivalry Legions Council
Ex-Ancient Fury Applicant Ex-Zerg Unit Member

Ex-Australian Army Co-Leader - Ex-Kill Orgy Senior Member - Ex-TKO Blitz Member



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