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Runescape Name
- Sonicist

Darkdragon47 was the name I used to clan under back in the mid to late 2000's/early 2010s era of clanning, so many of you will probably know me by that.

Preferred Name 

Discord ID
- Sonicist#7836

Current Clan
- Real Life

Previous Clan History:


Blue Mage Order

Nation of Domination

The Futures


Dark Slayers FA

Eternal Honor FK

Divine Forces like 5 or 6 times


Are you interested in joining?
- If I train my account, and had the time to commit to events, I'd consider making a return.

Brief Introduction
Hi, For those of you who were in the Banana Boat Crew, you might have seen my name a bit in there. But I guess a few interesting facts:

-I play competitive Smash Bros Melee on the side and act as a Tournament Organizer for my region,

-I had a HCIM that was ranked top 5k (almost made top 3k at one point) at one point but lost it to my nemesis: Wintertodt

-I also watch anime but I'm not Tmac.

-I am a pigeon at League of Legends

- Aaron

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4 minutes ago, True 2k8 said:

What the hell is this?

SO Aquiline was a clan that I joined in between two of my stints in DF where I wanted to see if a smaller clan experience was would rekindle my passion for clanning again. A old friend of mine (if any ex-The from around 2006 remember Gamead) asked me to join a clan a few of his friends were starting up. It definitely felt like a smaller version of 'The' for all of the good and bad that came with that. During my first and only CWA fight with the clan I got promoted to PK leader when they ran out of callers after like 2 people, I ended up leaving a week later because I really missed the more candid environment that comes with clans most of us are used to.

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