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Good Morning

Cam L

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Runescape Name
-Who fucking cares dude
Preferred Name 
Discord ID
Current Clan
-Don't worry about it
Previous Clan History


Ascension (v2)

Gladz again
Are you interested in joining?
-Absolutely not
Brief Introduction


Hi. I'm Cam. I don't know why I'm here. True 2k8 told me to register on his forums and I came here and saw many familiar names like @Zeldagamer13 and @poopkid. What a time to be alive in the year of our lord 2020. Anyway I'm 25 and I do rocket science for a living and for some reason I can't escape this fucking community but some of you guys are okay so I guess that's alright. AMA.
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It’s always who built the pyramids and never how are the pyramids ? 



Leader / Founder at: 


~ Clans & Teams ~



Satan's Men | Sorrow of Knights | Chivalry Legion | Australian Army | The Neggas Clan | Anarchy | Prodigy | KCR | The Migrants | Agony | TuF | Infliction | Ronin | Damage Incorporated | Violent Resolution | Divine Forces | Chivalry Legion 2.0 | Divine Kings | Cutthroat | Currently Chivalry Legion |


Hitsquad - Founder / Leader - Retired/Left

Ayuda/CommunityPk - Officer/Council (Yeah, I did that) 

Bad Intention - Warlord (Closed)

Team X - Moderator (Closed)


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