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Hello Old Friends


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Runescape Name
-Justin (but I gave my acc to Robin after I quit and it got banned)

Preferred Name 

Discord ID

Current Clan


  • Previous Clan History
  • -Ronin (w/ Marco as leader)
  • -Last Hope
  • -Triforce
  • -Darkness Awaits
  • -Notorious
  • -Exodus
  • -Knights of Order
  • -Crimson Raiders
  • -Resilience
  • -Divine Forces
  • -Solace
  • -Reign of Terror
  • -Ronin (w/ Robin as leader)

I might have missed a few, it's been some years.

Are you interested in joining?
-No, just wanted to check in with some old faces.

Brief Introduction
-Sup lads. Robin told me about this happening and I couldn't resist checking in after hearing some of the names he mentioned.

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