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  1. Who was more efficient/consistent in crashing fights, NH(James Brown etc.) or Justin and 0robinxhood0 (& crew)?
  2. I remember you from Solace, welcome
  3. SOL SE RSD DF TT ROT DI DS VR COR EOS/EH honorable mentions, ranked in order by quality of their members
  4. Good luck friends, you are in good hands
  5. Salty no one said my name.. Off the top of my head.. -FM11 (Solace, probably the best caller all around if I'm honest) -True 2k8 (DF) -0robinxhood0(all the clans we were in) -Duvasio (Solace/Exodus, very inconsistent but sometimes he went off) -Sarge Alex18 - Dude was a spastic but he was legit (Team Kenya)
  6. WallyG! My man! All grown up now, gang gang. 💯
  7. Runescape Name -Justin (but I gave my acc to Robin after I quit and it got banned) Preferred Name -Justin Discord ID -Highenergy#1930 Current Clan -None Previous Clan History -Ronin (w/ Marco as leader) -Last Hope -Triforce -Darkness Awaits -Notorious -Exodus -Knights of Order -Crimson Raiders -Resilience -Divine Forces -Solace -Reign of Terror -Ronin (w/ Robin as leader) I might have missed a few, it's been some years. Are you interested in joining? -No, just wanted to check in with some old faces. Brief Introduction -Sup lads. Robin told me about this happening and I couldn't resist checking in after hearing some of the names he mentioned.
  8. Bro?? 

    1. Justinlol


      It's me brother xD

    2. true



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