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    gz that skill is kinda a pain
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    gz man half way there
  3. Of all time? Probably Sylvester Stallone As of late? Probably Jason Statham, not sure. He's obviously pretty new compared to most of these guys but he's done a lot of good work.
  4. It's come up a few times on this thread that the Ronin/Exodus merge just simply didn't work and wasn't going to work - at least from what has been said. What 2 clans that didn't merge at any point do you think would have worked best as an actual merge ? Additionally if you could pick 2 clans from any era and have them work flawlessly together merged, what 2 clans would that be?
  5. As you've been around pretty consistently for a long while, did you ever find yourself on DMM? What did you think of it and do you think it will be decent if we see Jagex bring it back in the future?
  6. Adam_


    I would agree somewhat, but I also don't really feel as if any other spot in the wilderness really had content enough to make it worth being a hotspot so this kind of filled the void to an extent. It's just a shame the void kind of got filled with garbage after a while and it started creating more random vene clans risking 10k than legit activity. I think it serves ok as a hotspot for single pking assuming they address the few problems I mentioned in OP, so i'm fine with it staying how it is though I question how long it will be active. Now for multi just kind of have to hope they put out a new half decent hotspot with incentive to go there....
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