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  1. This topic would of been so much more interesting without the first rule
  2. went straight for the "pics" folder didn't he
  3. Brian

    99 herb

    That tbow went to good use.
  4. Welcome to the big boy club
  5. >playing 30 odd years >never get any kind of drop ever >guy gets 4 pets in 2 days
  6. Will be live streamed on DI forums
  7. In terms of trying to make the clan better he actually had good ideas and shit, it's just that he was impossible to work with because he wouldn't listen to other people. I did demote him after about 5-6 months, which led to Dynasty or w/e it was being created.
  8. D156 in DI took about 5 years off my life in 6 months
  9. This is like reading a topic from RSC CD circa 2007
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