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Runescape Name (Don't post if login name)

Preferred Name 

Current Clan

Previous Clan History
I've been in various clans over the years (mainly RS3 ones), however, my most notable ones are Crazed Pkers (RS3) and The Rising (OSRS).


Who do you know in Tempest?
I know some people like @The End 

Are you interested in joining?
Probably not since I'm a student and in my final year of university. With that being said, I'm on winter break now and I have three weeks off. So, I can hang around the community and support ya guys.

Brief Introduction
Irl, I'm known as Nick (but Amulet is fine for all gaming purposes). Currently, I'm a fourth year political science student thinking about what I want to do after post-secondary (considering everything with Covid too).  I work as a flow control person at a local fitness centre. I don't mind doing it, however (pre-Covid), I worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor. I liked that more too. So hopefully someday I could do that again (if possible). Moreover, I enjoy fitness, gaming, and chilling (like over the break!).

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Always underrated , never dominated




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