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  1. I'm not sure why they wanted to test our might after the war. they were easy to clear with out whole crew. Thanks for the fight TR. next time, don't try us after.
  2. I like my pizza like I like my ladies. Hot, spicy, and messy.
  3. BP item. The man with the first ever 99 mining skill cape I saw. The man always risking his ags during ubh's p2p pks. The richest man in ubh. It's been a while man, glad to see you back. FEAR THE UNKNOWN
  4. Atvdinner


  5. Is there anything tempest can't do?
  6. The clan has some insane rng. Huge congrats guys!
  7. I remember this! All dynasties come to an end.
  8. Atvdinner


    Laps on laps on laps. Get them gains son!
  9. That was a really good pc back in 08
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