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  1. Pretty sure against TR when I was TR was like 90 in the supermom1995 days The new beginning 100 The British crusaders 90
  2. get a forum avatar

  3. Thats actually quote posh for me
  4. Hello mate, hope you’re well long time no see
  5. Kieran

    AMA - Mat K

    Do you support a football team? If so, who? Do you have any influence on runescape even though you are no longer working for them? What would you like to see in OSRS in the future?
  6. Man for Man Quality Osrs Fools ROT FSK Downfall DI/DF
  7. That turn around in round 2 though, jeez
  8. https://performancedrive.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/2020-Ford-Focus-ST-taillights.jpg
  9. Can’t wait! Gonna be mint
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