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  1. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/rsplayers/images/9/99/Lordshipavatar.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/100?cb=20120613141517 His Lordship (July 2003 - Present) is a RuneScape clan leader and YouTube videomaker. He served as the leader of The Wilderness Guardians (WG) clan from December 2003 to 2015, and remains active in WG in the historic role of "Founder". He is the longest-serving clan leader in RuneScape. He has produced several popular YouTube videos and is a Golden Gnome finalist with nearly 7,000 subscribers, and has visited Jagex studios twice. He is often associated with his tag line "Hi, I'm His Lordship, the [leader/founder] of the Wilderness Guardians". His YouTube videos are directly responsible for the rejuvenation of the Wilderness in Old-School RuneScape.
  2. Ex-The Sabres / Ex-United Freedom Fighters Captain / Violent Resolution (2007,2020-2021) / Ex-Silent Strike Leader / Ex-Elite Order Leader / Ex-Critical Damage Chancellor / Ex-Triforce / Ex-Vitality Council / Ex-Noobs Inc. Crashlord & High Council / Ex-Divine Kings High Council / Ex-Dynasty Leader This is an absolute collage of mediocrity
  3. I had been following this crisis closely and trying to put together the pieces with little success. Thank god this is all being cleared up, too many sleepless nights wondering what was going on.
  4. The real architect of Dynasty's demise, the puppet master.
  5. Reopened for further investigation.
  6. I love communism, Marx was right all along and we should all subscribe to his views and beliefs. The Communist Manifesto is the finest piece of literature ever written.
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