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  1. I hope diamond bangs curtis out tbh
  2. Found this: Wow our vent sounds spazzy as hell we had all these asians yelling noodle time for like 4 months
  3. Ye it wasn't a proud moment accepting this fella but tbh he actually was no hassle in cor. He knew we weren't gonna rank him and he never caused any shit, plus he was active for like 6 months then I think he just dissapeared Rs speeches are cringe as fuck I'm pretty sure i muted for it cause i aint speaking in that clip lol "Outnumbered but never outgunned" was such a sick saying too
  4. Don't pretend like you care I know you're a changed man now but I know you haven't changed that much
  5. Ye its funny df got some sort of phone group chat going wild ready to defend their honour from a guy who hasn't played the game in 9 years
  6. We need to figure how to work this magic
  7. Ye this was a topic worth posting and I've voted yes and its despicable behaviour -approved by gen discussion mod team-
  8. I had horse steak in Bulgaria it was rly nice
  9. You need to lay off the drugs mate
  10. Octopus is pretty common in european around the med tbh
  11. Pretty much all DF and VR callers from 08/09 onwards
  12. JayJay

    For Teemo

    Nice me and @inf` would worship you given the chance
  13. For me personally I think it's got to be tortoise - it tasted a bit like pork but I had to try eat it with chopsticks around the full shell and bones Ostrich and warthog are really nice meats Not tried any super weird fish but yet but snails aint that nice
  14. No 1 outside of DF is ever going to back you deluded lads
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