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Runescape Name
- Originally Stonepay
Preferred Name 
- Stone
Discord ID
- Stone#6322
Current Clan
- Nop
Previous Clan History

- RSB clans
- Forgotten Templars
- Exodus
- EOS x3
- RJ
- Solace

I know i forgot some clans..

Nothing once EOC came until 2017 on OSRS
- Ronin 
- Divine Forces 
Neither of which really lasted more than a month or so.

Are you interested in joining?
- Unlikely
Brief Introduction
- Hi im Stone. Im from Scotland and younger than @True 2k8, I work full time in engineering and play a variety of games in my down time. Be good to catch up with some of the old faces that i havent seen in years

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Stooooooooooooooone :classic_love: 


VnG Pur3 / Pur3 str0ng2 / I work high
= Vanguard Retired Leader, Tempest OldSchool =
= Ex Kissing the Shadows Council / Darkness Awaits CouncilCrimson Raiders Moderator - The Rising Elite member

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