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Bolton Squad Joins Dynasty


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Well, today is a sad day. :classic_dry:


Less than a month ago, Bolton Squad intro'd to Tempest... Hoping to join one day soon. :classic_cool:


As the weeks went by, Bolton's became more and more deranged in Discord, eventually leading to his removal. :classic_sleep:



Well, looking for a new home, he introed to Dynasty: :classic_huh:



As you can see from the image, it only took about two hours to earn the position of High Council. :classic_ohmy:


@Bles had this to say about Tempest: :classic_unsure:



Meanwhile, Dynasty hasn't had an event in one month. :classic_blush:


(Designed by Nolan btw)


I am asking the following questions:


How will Bolton Squad fare as new High Council of Dynasty?

Has Bles looked into his deranged behaviour as per @sheli~'s request?

If no, should Tempest use our ad revenue to pay for Bles' therapist? 


Pls let me know your thoughts in the topic! :classic_happy:

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7 minutes ago, Vanuckle said:

How will Bolton Squad fare as new High Council of Dynasty?

Has Bles looked into his deranged behaviour as per @sheli~'s request?

If no, should Tempest use our ad revenue to pay for Bles' therapist? 

Let me start by tagging every forum account that links to Bles' IP: @Joker @Bles @Orion


BOLTON IS MY GUY. And I think he will do well with Bles. Bles/Timebeast is one of the most creative, innovative and respected clan leaders of our era. Very few moments of the modern clan world went without the influence of Bles/Veto. ROT becoming #1, Olde____Nite becoming the Leader_of_DI, Murray overthrowing True 2k8... Bles/SirAchillez's fingerprints all over the PVP side of Gielinor. Few go without knowing his name, Bles/Veto has carved out his legacy from day one.. getting declined from DF/RSD on multiple forums accounts with the same IP since 2011, reopening Runescape Dinasty and wearing the skin of the most random RSD member.


When I think success, I think Bles/SoonerRex. Years of experience led to the creation of Dynasty. Despite having 6 clan members on the forums today, this clan has become a serious threat since opening their doors around the same time as us. He's a man of mystery, alternating identities at the pace Tukuruk91 made clans. Few know what Bles really is.. or rather... what he's become.


At the end of the day, I'm shaken. The last time a clan with this much hype was coming after mine it was called Rejuvenation. In fact, Bles might just be Flako Rlz in the flesh.


As for question #2, I'd say Bles' brain has been arranged to be donated to science whenever it expands beyond his skull. Only so much innovation, leadership ability and clan world success can be contained in a normal human brain.


For question #3, I think Bles can afford it himself. He already told me about his 40k car, mansion, 5 bitches and some golf course he owns. Guy is a legend of both Gielinor and the real world. 




Leader of Dynasty

Former Leader of Runescape Dynasty

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