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Runescape Name

Danex Coters

Preferred Name 


Discord ID


Current Clan


Previous Clan History

Downfall (lots of on & off but it's where family has always been), Golden Sun (rip), Chivarly Legions (timezone issues) & Divine Forces (was not gay enough). Downfall is all that really matters tho

Are you interested in joining?

We shall see what Jesus Christ has in store for us

Brief Introduction

I'm Alex, 25. Hockey & Music addict. Everytime I try and walk away from this game/clanning, something always manages to pull me back in.

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Welcome back to the game we all love/hate

It’s always who built the pyramids and never how are the pyramids ? 



Leader / Founder at: 


~ Clans & Teams ~



Satan's Men | Sorrow of Knights | Chivalry Legion | Australian Army | The Neggas Clan | Anarchy | Prodigy | KCR | The Migrants | Agony | TuF | Infliction | Ronin | Damage Incorporated | Violent Resolution | Divine Forces | Chivalry Legion 2.0 | Divine Kings | Cutthroat | Currently Chivalry Legion |


Hitsquad - Founder / Leader - Retired/Left

Ayuda/CommunityPk - Officer/Council (Yeah, I did that) 

Bad Intention - Warlord (Closed)

Team X - Moderator (Closed)


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Hello Danex ? Golden sun, that's a name I have not heard in ages.. Forgot about them ?


VnG Pur3 / Pur3 str0ng2 / I work high
= Vanguard Retired Leader, Tempest OldSchool =
= Ex Kissing the Shadows Council / Darkness Awaits CouncilCrimson Raiders Moderator - The Rising Elite member

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