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DS vs RSD from 05-06


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I have an old hard drive with random Runescape videos from 05 to 07. and i felt like uploading some of them because it may be that no other copies exist anymore as these were direct downloads before youtube off hosting sites that are now dead. 

Audio is not mine and copyright will probably destroy it in about 18 seconds after i post this so put on some Nelly Furtardo or some shit idk

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everyone was so shit back then lmfao the trains of pure melee always makes me laugh when people rank DS at the top of their silly little lists - still cool tho 

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58 minutes ago, nick said:

man idc clans of today would beat the piss out of pre 2010 clans

Another time, another style... it is like comparing now a days military with muskets wars. The whole game evolved and the players evolved with it.

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