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  1. ye that rule is fuckin gay Jay corr is shit an DF is great but this is the perfect system Leader: Me No Warlords/Council w/e FA Managers:: Oli/Prannoy/Jayjay/La hire/True/Robtokill/3lite basically everyone
  2. honestly does anyone feel bad for daniel156 he''s getting shit all over on this topic
  3. Im team Jayjay even if he is a massive bummer
  4. no you've fuck this up im afraid try again
  5. how do you rationalize this
  6. id have been against it on the grounds that u gay
  7. From this topic its clear you have a reputation of liking women on the internet but in EOS you declared your love for me and kept asking to kiss me, was this just for me or are have you been interested in other men before? Btw pls do not deny i have proof
  8. And La reek 44 and Jayjay from corr fuck those 2 as well im gonna fight them
  9. Also this shit probably gets done tonight an thank you for everyone who participated and i hope i answered your questions well enough. Also fuck True
  10. Eric was in it so bad very bad We did have a pretty good relationship at the start, i was in with one of the community managers an he was cool with us about stuff, like one time we named our alliance something inappropriate an he went about it with us in a fair way to get us to change it instead of some dev throwing out bans or w/e like some games would. We got access to internal testing at times and we were included in the discord which had a direct line of contact with the devs. I don't know what happened exactly as i wasn't around but we no longer have any of that, but as farr as i know we don't have a bad relationship with them.
  11. this DF vs EX-DF stuff is great tho lets have some more of that
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