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  1. i was young and impulsive xo
  2. blocked in Sweden #oppression
  3. grogan are you still a skinny white boy that has spaghetti arms you`re a retard but ily joshgrogan. How you doing m8
  4. you should put an order there, where you would probably be at the top of the biggest spastics there ever was. Good talk tho.
  5. if you could go back to 2008-2009 and remove any officials in Cor and replace them with somebody else, who would it be? leader- warlord- council-
  6. MILAD


    remember your name from RSD. Although what I do not remember is... were you okay or a spastic.. Anywho welcome to the forums
  7. Thanks for the fight and for the shits n giggles afterwards.
  8. Thanks for the explanation. I think it's like you mentioned in the other topic; the calling depth of EH was so long and good. We never really had a quiet moment in Ventrilo during fights. There would always be somebody who could step up and lead the way, especially with our hardcore hybrid unit. We really had some dedicated members that I'll always appreciate and remember as the reason for us winning fights against the top 5 back in the day. It was one of the things I loved about EH; no matter how hard things were in the battlefield, we would always pull through and come out victorious. Many mistook that for outlasting... I just saw it as never giving up. Props to you mostly for that for never giving in at certain fights, namely against DI, DF, Corr... just to mention a few 😉
  9. again, no offence to him, but I will never understand the decision to promote him by you and Islamia hahaha. Then again it's 2020 so who cares really 😄 ❤️ Derek
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