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Jayzy’s Community Intro


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Runescape Name

Preferred Name 

Discord ID

Current Clan

Previous Clan History
‘The’ - 2001 - 2009?? - here I met the likes of Germs22 and Drew22 and probably more who are still around, right now I can’t think of names off the top of my head

TMRD - met most of the good lads in here such as Cravez, AndyJamo, correct me if I’m wrong but D0nts? And many more which I can think of at the top of my head

TT - can’t remember the year exactly but I spent quite a few years here towards the peak of clanning eventually being promoted through some of the ranks within the clan including forming part of the core leadership during pks/clan wars if that’s what you want to call it. Here I met the majority of my friends back in the day tbh there’s too many to name however these where some Of the best guys/girls I have met, pretty much was family to me here. One event that still sticks out to me was obviously the 24hr pkri with DF haha. The crash wars looking back where quite fun and the rivalries between many clans.

Di (Briefly when we were allowed to join a “PK” Clan during my time with TT)

Can’t remember anything else to be honest

Who do you know in Tempest?
True2k8 - as he pointed me towards some Old TT faces when I found out about this haha. 



To be fair I haven’t spoken to the above at all much, a few briefly. I just browsed forums and saw their names haha. I’m sure there are a tonne of people here who I will remember or have came across at some point in the past weather that be Friendly clans or previous “Enemy” clans back in the day

Are you interested in joining?
Unfortunately no, my RuneScape days are over, however it is great to see so many people still playing

Brief Introduction

Hi, my name is Jay, for those who may know me as Jayzy. I’m now 30 and have a job as part of a management team that supports people with a wide range of disabilities ensuring that they live their life to the fullest and become as independent as possible. Got married just over 2 years ago and currently enjoying life (Although not enjoying the current pandemic)! 

I’m looking forward to joining in the community aspect and speaking to those who I knew and used to clan with regardless of that clan you where in - I hold no grudges, at the end of the day it’s a game haha, however back then it meant a lot more personally and I would always give 100%. 

Anyway, as I promised true2k8 I would make a community Intro as he pointed me towards some Old friends here it is haha. Hope your all doing well ??

P.S. TT Pride ?

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Just realised semperdickus and RagingPanda are two I missed off the list - just seen their names at the bottom of the forum and it won’t let me edit the post ?. And also Flukejiver - didn’t actually realise he was in Tempest haha. Was literally one of my bestest friends during clanning ?

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Spelt name wrong.
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