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Well hello there


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Runescape Name

Preferred Name 

Discord ID

Bekkaw ??

Current Clan


Previous Clan History



Who do you know in Tempest?
 Venenatis ?️

Josh 221 ?

Pur3 Strong ?
Are you interested in joining?
Possibly eventually

Brief Introduction

Hi hi! My name's Bekka. I'm 24 years old and currently in school to become a paramedic. ?

I don't have much of an rs history as most of you do. I started playing osrs a couple of years ago so I'm still pretty new at
the game (yes, you just lost. Sorry not sorry). I'm currently working on my combat stats, slowly inching my way up to 110. NMZ is about the only thing I can manage to do in game while still listening to my lectures for school. I've spent a lot of my rs career skilling. Currently 33m firemaking exp without my beloved fire chicken. ?

Anyways, I'm always eager to learn new things both PvP and PvM. Ven recently introduced me to f2p cwa and I honestly had a blast. I hope to learn more about pking and more PvM content, raids possibly? More importantly, I'm excited to meet you all. 

Cheers ?

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