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Hamzah Intro


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Runescape Name
xHamzah (AR07/Alex Rider07 for the ex-Envy in here)

Preferred Name 
Not really into the whole Daddy thing anymore. Hamzah is fine.

Discord ID

Current Clan
Divine Forces Hunny Guest 

Previous Clan History
Envy - Closed

Divine Forces - Quit RS


Who do you know in Tempest?
Ssgay, Vegeta and loads others I imagine

Are you interested in joining?
No but Ssj said he'll stop asking now ?

Brief Introduction
Hello, I'm Hamzah. I'm 23 years old from UK. 

I'm a Web Developer so spend most my day in front of a screen. Pretty much cut down on gaming because of this and become more of a nature bitch.

I do still play some ARAMs with the boys from time to time though (The biggest coinflip ARAMer to exist).

I also like food, football (not that handegg shite) and memes.

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This only encourages me to ask more now

Look forward to intro soon sir


Ex-Envy Leader / Ex-Genesis Council / Ex-Divine Forces App Reviewer / Tempest Legend /






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