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  1. yer me and @Mk 17 go skegness every summer (cancelled this year obv)
  2. What did you injure? I fucked my rotator cuff playing footy like a year ago and I don't think it's ever gonna heal without surgery. It's not the end of the world but it still hurts when my arms in a certain position like under my pillow when I'm sleeping.
  3. Scleritis

    On fire

    Wintertodt without entity hider smh
  4. Kaochin - Spied for RoT Lavigne - Spied for RoT Daniel156 - Toxic behind the scenes and left after he got demoted to create Dynasty DanB - Warlord who couldn't call past 9pm GMT Foyboy - Basically only a handful of people in the clan liked him and a lot of good people quit/stopped caring because of him. Left for RoT.
  5. Gf Rev, 4k 3d Nice of RoT to finally show up even if it was on meds in addy and they swiftly got cleared by AC without impacting the fight.
  6. Better Corr leader than @Applerune ever was
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