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Runescape Name
Green Boots / Dyslexic / c19 survivor

Preferred Name 

Discord ID

Current Clan

Previous Clan History

2009 - 2012? rsb clans mostly

The New Beginning - p2p clan wars pre eoc warring (restricted)

Shawa Manz(SMZ) - p2p clan wars pre eoc domination (rest/unrest)

Dynasty Elites - p2p clan wars pre eoc only joined 2 troll but had a few friends 

Devastation (DV) - broken up part of smz only stayed cos friends but p2p clan wars again pre eoc

break from 2012 - 2014

rs3 pvp - CalamityPK or cpk till close. caught many bans for bug abuse and skull tricking made lots of money

Stud Unit for abit for pvm related stuff cos friends with ppl

bunch of teams pre eoc for p2p warring clan wars but dont rly remember names and if u know u know

Are you interested in joining?
ye mona told me about it so joining when i can

Brief Introduction
my names jay im 25 and from london. lots of pvp/warring experience from pre eoc p2p clan wars rsb times made alot of ppl mad. lots of pvp experience tbh everytime ive played rs because its the only ?fun? thing i guess. Dont really like being social because im anti social but im ex toxic reformed positivity spreader. 

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