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Runescape Name (Don't post if login name)

Preferred Name 

Current Clan

Previous Clan History


Who do you know in Tempest?

Nick, Mohd, Dwg, BleakTerror, The End, Tim and any other Downfall brethren here I may not recognize yet

Are you interested in joining?

Brief Introduction
Hey everyone, I logged into Runescape this past Friday after like 280 days and I started digging around to see what the clan world was up too. Found a recent fight topic that mentioned Downfall in a screenshot and after a little more digging I found this forum and was very happy to see so many familiar names from the clan world here.


I started playing during the glory days in 2006 and got into pking around 2007. I joined Downfall around 2010 and ran with them up-till closing due to EOC. When OSRS came out I tried to join again but ultimately did not return to due to real life obligations. Nowadays I have a lot more free time and I'm really looking forward to playing again ?

Former Senior Member of Downfall

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