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Runescape Name

Preferred Name 

Discord ID

Current Clan

Previous Clan History

Fatality (2008-2009): I was in Fi was my first real "big pure clan", as I had been in smaller pure clans prior to that (Control, Fearless, etc)

Runescape Dinasty: This was my first and only main clan that I was with throughout my years on/off of runescape. I participated in the 2011 Jagex cup as 1 of the 2 combat level 123's in a sea of 126's. Also, in wars people just spammed "lol" on me. ? I guess I asked for it with a name like this...


Final Ownage Elite (Launch of OSRS - 2015ish): I started out my osrs time as a pure again and decided to join FOE. I enjoyed my time there and still hang around as an "Old School Community". 

Are you interested in joining?
I honestly don't have time to clan anymore. True had asked me a few weeks back about it though, so if something ever changes then sure!

Brief Introduction

Hi! I don't really have much to say or know what to write here, but basically I've been playing on/off since 2006 or so and my only real goal is to max my account. I have little free time to play osrs nowdays with long work hours (I still go into the office ?). I figured I would at least make an introduction and hang around the community since I do recognize some names (whether you knew me, or we used to war against each other). Hope to get to know the community a bit more ? 

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