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  1. Victory


    That's mr. oldbear too you.
  2. Also there's the time Viper got lured through one of those Clan wars portal lures, where you think you're antiluring someone but you're the one getting lured. My man lost his Green partyhat to it.
  3. Back when I was EOS we had access to downfall forums from either Durateen/Cozza finding a database leak. Low and behold majority of the passwords were N-word123, We started off with Bovy's password (could've been someone else) and we'd just take our information from his account because he was dumb enough to use the same password/login for EOS forums at the time. Eventually I got into whoever had the green admin rank forum account (I wanna say the name was Adam?) and we had all of their private forums and etc for a quite awhile. Eventually we started leaking things and the person was removed. While we had access, the only thing I felt bad about was stealing all of the cash off their NMZ account that they had posted in their staff forum. There was also a time in VR when Streetb0y bought a red party with IRL money for Evizu to just hack him for it and him buy another.
  4. Victory


    I still love you mar 😮
  5. We want Jake the Snake
  6. Victory

    AMA - Mat K

    The only thing that matters is do you like chicken nuggets my man ?
  7. Bb Blukiller sends her regards
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