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clan spams


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best and worst clan spams ever?




i always loved cyan: BLUE BUS


hated when i was in dragon wood and they spammed Got wood? every time we spammed that we got cleard or smashd lol  ik there are some war menardi fans around here XD




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not much of a clan spam but that one time when RSD spammed Murray has soft legs I lol'd IRL


CoR's flash2: Flashbang'd@@@@@@ 


real shit

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I think the best spam I've seen was the spin cycle lmao


Worst one was probably that anota ploca shit or whatever Wilderland used to spam cuz nobody even knows what that shit means so I couldn't relate:(


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Best spam when we were fighting RE: Wanna make love RE, they replied: Spread your legs for RE.


Flash2:Danger danger high voltage


Most cringe: mn vingers bloeden (my fingers bleed of spamming)

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7 hours ago, Casey said:

Welcome to the city of thunder ( i think thats what it was) from Exodus days was always one of my favorite 

Wonder lol, thunder is tempest.


"Taste the rainbow" - alluding to our love for cape switching in EoS.







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