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90 slayer


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Got distracted from the PvM comp (team jugs 4 life) trying to get a sigil weeks after it to no avail. Finally getting back into slayer. Trying to do as much pvm bosses as I can for tasks to make gp, gain pets and unlock some of those new combat achievements. Can't wait for my first ever dark beasts task I hope it's fun lmao!






Did like 90 zammy kills that gdz task and only a staff of the dead = ( Never did that much zammy ever lmao!

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Not sure if you heard. I was leader of The BlacKnights.



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Nice milestone gz 🙂



SOLACE - 2009


Castle Wars Community 2010 - PRESENT

Tempest Community Intro - PRESENT




On 7/24/2021 at 5:56 AM, Victor said:

Something tells me that you are going to achieve greatness in here.


don't ask me why... I just feel like if you stay active and present you will be someone to look for in a near future


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